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Edit Jobs in Notepad?

Is it possible to edit jobs & waypoint names using notepadd(++) ?

I have a job with 40 waypoints that are named M6_001,002… I would like copy the job and to edit them to M7,M8… for each model number the robot will run.

I think it goes without saying that if your program was written in a .script file, this would be fairly easy. I’m assuming you’re talking about doing it with the urp file.

Two ways you could go about this potentially.

  1. If you’re not planning to change the code, you could open up the .script file that gets generated at runtime on your original program and change them all in there. A waypoint node named myWaypoint will probably show up in the script as myWaypoint_p and myWaypoint_q.

  2. urp files are just compressed XML files. You can decompress them with a RAR program and re-open them in polyscope like normal. You can also edit the XML file directly, but it’s pretty ugly to look at so your find-and-replace would need to be careful.

Those are a few ideas. Look forward to hearing any others from the community.

Do people write entire programs through script files?

Yea I’ve seen all kinds of things on here.

  • Programming scripts in text editor and FTP over to robot.
  • Programming scripts in text editor and firing the entire thing over a client interface.
  • Figuring out required coordinates or joint angles with Python and blasting them out over RTC as servoj commands.

It really depends on the user requirements. There’s a lot of flexibility.

Using URScript only requires more module testing as debugging can be difficult.

Are you entering each waypoint in manually?

Yes I taught my path under a single moveP with ~40 waypoints around my part.

This job was one model of ~8 that i will need to setup, so i was hoping to be able to edit the name details off the pendant