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E-Series Touchscreen Not Very Responsive

We are using an e-series robot for the first time. The touchscreen is being very annoying. It registers only about 70% of our touches. It tends to go in waves. It will be fine for 20 seconds and then not move the cursor for a while. Has anyone else seen this? It’s not normal, is it?


We’ve been using the e-Series for a while now and never noticed such behavior except in situations with intense background activity. Did you try to use another PolyScope Version?

I am not aware of any such cases.
This may be a hardware defect on the particular TP.
If so, please contact your support channel.

Notice, that the e-Series TP is capacitive touch, where CB-series is resistive.
On CB3 you had to use a pointer/pen or nails, where you actually have to use the fingers (not nails) in e-Series for capacitive touch to read your touch.

I have seen instances where the e-series teach pendant will go unresponsive to touch for noticable periods of time. The time I first noticed it I was switching back and forth quickly between a few different controls or “tabs”. I might also have tried toggling some of the general purpose IO as well. The behavior seemed less like a touch problem and more like a UI responsiveness issue because occassionally touches made while the UI was unresponsive eventually passed through.

Yes, I was told to use pressure on the CB-series and to be gentle on the e-series. Deep touch being considered as a “not click” alike palm check on laptops track pad.

For delay on the input. Letting the controller some time and rebooting can help.


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There are some Polyscope performance improvements with 3.9.1/5.3.1 release that will be out soon.
Improvements are mainly for eSeries running programs with large number of waypoints, and programs using large number of nodes configured with modbus signals.
Contact your support if you can reproduce specific scenarios where UI performance is below acceptable.