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E series ethernet pass through

I got a E series robot with the ethernet pass through in the bottom missing, which one is compatible with the hole in the box?

This is the one we use, we get them from Amazon

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This also fit the hole in the box?

Yes, these fit in the knockouts in the case.

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I need one that fit in the original hole.

@michael.andresen the part above requires a 1" hole which is what I just measured in the case at 25mm (1"). Are you trying to put it in something other than one of the knockouts in the bottom of the cabinet with the rubber plugs. I am not aware of the e-series robots shipping with ethernet ports, at least, none of the ones we have ever received have an ethernet port in them and this is the part that we use when we need to handle a 3/4 NPT hole situation, we have a different one when we need to use with the 1/2NPT hole knockout.

This is a question from the Amazon listing for the part I mentioned above.