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Dynamically Set Joint Limits

Is it possible to set the joint limits dynamically? Currently we are limiting the joints during a specific move routine so that the joint configuration stays the same. (Picking from a table) We would like to be able to then change the joint limits during another move routine.

The XYZ on the table changes but the WPR stays the same. We enter into the table with a linear movement. If we didn’t limit the joints then the joint configuration would sometimes hit the table (since its trying to find the shortest path to the point). Limiting the joints has been the most successful.

I have not been able to find anything on setting the joint limits with a script or java.

The joint limits are safety limits, and therefore cannot be altered dynamically.
They affect the safety checksum.

The joint limits are stored by installation file.
So in order to get a new joint limit set, you should switch installation files.