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Dynamic definition of a waypoint through handguiding

Hi All,
I would like to kindly ask how is it possible do define dynamically a waypoint in a loop.
I would like to realise an application that each time a loop is completed, before re-starting, it requires to the operator to set new waypoints through handguiding (without using the robot HMI or just pressing the hand-guiding button on the HMI)

1 Operator defines two waypoints through hand-guiding
2 Other waypoints are computed thanks to the two that have been defined through handguiding.
3 Cobot performs the complete routine

1 Operator defines two waypoints through hand-guiding


There are commands in the script manual to programmatically enter free drive mode. Make sure your payload and CoG are properly defined so the robot doesn’t drift when you enter freedrive. (These should be properly defined anyway for the long term health of your robot).

You’ll need to configure some inputs to trigger when the robot is in position. You can then write the position to a variable with the get_actual_tcp_pose() script, then call that variable in a move.

This will allow for moves relative to the base frame. If you want the points recorded to a custom frame, you’ll need to do the transformations.

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Thanks! I will try as you suggest.