Waypoint as variable based on x,y,z coordinates of the tool tip

My use case is to tap a credit card on a pos device at 50 + locations .
The locations are x,y,z distance from the center point. I need to calculate the waypoints based on the x,y,z variables.

My understanding on waypoints is they are defined by joint locations/angles.
Question 1 . Is there a way to define a waypoint based on the x,y,z coordinates to a constant waypoint?
Question 2: Is there a formula to calculate new waypoint if we need to change x,y,z accesses?

Hey Srinivas,

Actually, positions can be saved either as joint angles or as cartesian coordinates.

Joint angels: [Base, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist 1, Wrist 2, Wrist 3]

  • 6 values separated by a comma and surrounded by square brackets
  • Each value is the joint angle of 1 joint in radians

Cartesian Coordinates: p[X,Y,Z,Rx,Ry,Rz]

  • Starting with a lowercase p and surrounded by square brackets
  • X, Y and Z are in meters
  • Rx, Ry and Rz are in radians (commonly referred to as the Rotation Vector or axis angles)
  • Related to the Base coordinate system

If you want to create or change a Waypoint by yourself, you can simply create it as a variable using the structure described above, and then choosing “Variable” instead of “Fixed” in your Waypoint node.

Maybe this video on how to change 1 number can be useful: Prevent collision after program stop with a "Before Start Sequence" - YouTube

Thank you for your quick response. The explanation and the reference video are useful.