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Double keyboards not covered by undo/redo

Software version: tested in 3.7/3.8/3.9
Robot generation: CB3 simulator

Steps to reproduce: see Save Program greyed out - UndoRedo

Expected behaviour: undo/redo buttons undo/redo a double value being entered in a JTextField

Actual behaviour: buttons not undoing/redoing the text value of the JTextField

See also: Save program not available on Node Change


We are investigating this behavior as a bug.


Any news on this? I am facing the same problem and there is no notion on it in the latest release notes for either API and Firmware.

This behaviour still occurs when testing a URCap built with SDK 1.5 in a simulated in 3.9. I don’t know if this is an SDK bug or a polyscope bug, so it would probably be worth trying a 1.6 cap in 3.9, but you’re right it’s probably not been fixed in the 3.9 update, as it isn’t mentioned in the list of bug fixes. Hopefully it will be fixed come 3.10.

The issue is not resolved in 3.9/5.3.
However we are expecting to have this issue resolved in PolyScope 3.10/5.4 this summer.

There is a suggested workaround in the topic linked in original report.

Tested and fixed as of 3.10

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