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Does the Polyscope Client inhibit the Pendant screen from switching off?

I wish to use the teach pendant for informing a user who enters into the robot lab about the current status of the robot operation- that is, if it is in local operation or remote control enabled.
There was a discussion to use lamps, etc to indicate this to the person of the danger while the robot is in remote mode, but that might not be necessary if the user can see the status using the teach pendant which can be placed prominently outside of the robot operating area.

So, does the robot change into energy-saving mode when the robot is idle, that is, does the screen switch off after a period of inactivity? If so, how can this be disabled?

Hi @sanketh.ramachandra.

To my knowledge the teach pendant do not switch off when there is power to the control box.

I hope that answers your question!

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