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Debug tools for Pyton Daemon?

Hi there.

Im about to get into a kind of complex pyton daemon development.

How can I get console log outputs from my runnign pyton daemon on the simulator?

and wich tool can I use to help me with the pyton code syntaxis?

Hi @hiram.burboa,

You can start it manually on the simulator. For tool options you can take a look here: https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/python-ide-code-editors/

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Hi, I use debugger of vscode.
The daemon is running only by itself without urcap.

I will use your information as a reference.
The tools seems to be useful.

Just found “PyDev” as a plug in for eclipse, in the menu Help>“Eclipse MarketPlace”.

I put on stop the daemon on the simulator to run it manually from eclipse, to have console outputos from URSIM at the terminal and from the Pyton Daemon on eclipse.

Is just exactly what I needed and well integrated.
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I also introduce the way to use vscode.
It is possible to debug the daemon after starting robot program on ursim.