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Dashboard Server: Cannot Load URP files from PC


I am using ubuntu 20.04 and have been successfully loading URP files to my e-series ur5 using the dashboard server.
My goal Is to load a URP file that is stored on my PC.

I use the following command to connect to the dashboard server:
socket -v 29999

I succesfully connect to the dashboard server:
inet: connected to port 29999
Connected: Universal Robots Dashboard Server

I load my program using:
load /tmp/test.urp

I get the errro:
File not found: /tmp/test.urp

The file is not found.

It looks like it does not know about my pc’s file system, but rather only the UR’s file system.

When I try to load a program stored directly on the UR, I am able to successfully load it.

Previously, this was not the case, in fact, I wasn’t able to load any programs that were stored on the UR, but I was only able to load programs that were saved on my PC.

I’m not sure what/how to change this filesystem location where the dashboard server understands where to load a file from. Is there some sort of setting that changes this?

I believe the path sent to the dashboard server has always been local to the UR controller, nothing to do with the remote PC. I’m actually surprised you could do that because at least on CB-series we use it also to remote load programs and it must be local programs already loaded on the CB controller over FTP for example. You’re sure you didnt have the same local/remote path and mixed up which file was actually being loaded?

Since you only send a path as string over the socket, there is no mechanism for the UR controller to access your local filesystem, or I have gotten the docs totally wrong :slight_smile:

I think that “load” command is valid only under “/program” folder.

For example, I send the message “load tokagechan.urp” to dashboard server for loading “/program/tokagechan.urp”,

Yeah I’m really confused as to how I was able to load URP files from my PC before but not able to access the files on the UR previously…

You can access both on URSIM but that makes sense since you have both the UR filesystem and the PC together on the same machine. I can confirm that this was not the confusion here and it was on the real robot in fact.

Another way to solve this would be to send the URP program via FTP instead of the dashboard server then?

That’s how we do it yes, we have an app generating on-the-fly .urscript files, pushes them via FTP to a folder on the UR, and then we have a static .urp program sitting on the CB controller with a single script node importing the .urscript file. Dashboard socket loads the .urp (or more like reloads it) and then starts it. This is used for custom printing processes where we have many one-off patterns to print so it’s easy to generate things offline and push/run them on the fly.

Thanks for your help.

If I do ever figure out how I was initially able to upload from my pc I’ll share here.