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Daemon port range?

Hello I tried using port 40505 for my deamon which works fine on the URsim, but on a real UR10 it won’t run,
so my question is what are the valid port ranges for a real UR-Robot?

Generally, there should be no port limitations.
Other than refraining from using generally crowded or generic used ports (like 21, 22, 80 etc.) or UR specific ports (like 29999, 30001, 30002, 30003, etc.).

Note, that is it good practice, to document which ports are used by a URCap (even if used internally), so the user may easier “budget” with what ports are available, and which are occupied.

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Thanks a lot for the information, I managed to solve my daemon problem now :slight_smile:

Hi… could you please let me know how you solved that problem