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Daemon permanently in "failed" status


I’m working with the StarterPackage+1.13 and a e-series robot.

I’m trying to build my own daemon. For now, I just have copy/past the exemple mydaemonswing.

But, the daemon allways still in “failed” status…


The urcap’s building was successfull.

I had a look on the GUI/felix-cache/bundleXXX and the daemon seems to have started :

Does anyone know what could be the problem ?

(I’m running it with the vitual machine)

Edit : I have change the condition to run the application and it works

This is the modification that I have made in the file MyDaemonProgramNodeContribution :

I don’t understand why the application seems to work if I don’t have the daemon in “run” state.

Does anyone has an answer ?