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Custom Robot Images + Serial Numbering

Hi everyone. I’m trying to automate setting up machines a little faster.

We are doing the following with every machine.
-polyscope configuration
-some linux configuration like keyboard/packages/vnc/etc.

The linux stuff can be automated pretty easily but what I would like to know is if there is a way to just do this on one robot, and then put that image on a bunch of others and just adjust the serial number (i notice that this is stored in a text file).

Let me know what you think of if anyone else has any tricks for automating this.


I think there is a config file in the /root/.urcontrol folder for the serial number. Deleting it and restore the rest of the files should do the trick - you should get a Dialog to setup the serial number on the first start of the robot.

Edit: note that you have to restore the calibration data of each robot.

Right on, would that happen to be the ur-serial file in /root/ ?

The only other thing related to the serial I can find in /root/.urcontrol is the hostname in ur-server.conf

Under /root/.urcontrol you would need the calibration.conf file for each robot. That would set the calibration to the factory calibration for the robot.

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