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Creating different pallet sequences from Qr Code information given


we are just finalising our collaborative robot coding station.

The process is it will pick up a outer ring place it onto a gauge, the gauge measures the o/d then the computer sends the relevant information to the robot to place into a corresponding output tray depending on what code size it recieves from the pc.

We run in batches and our parts come in different diameters and widths.

I have created a script to handle the width offset for the pick up points, which grabs its information from a QR code.

My next Challenge is to take the diameter of the o/d from the Qr code and apply it to our output trays.

We have rings that may only have 3 output codes and some a 6 output codes and a couple with 8 output codes, all 8 trays are present, so that’s not a problem,

for example we have a ring with a o/d 120mm and 20mm width, we can only fit 6 in one layer in a output tray with a layer height of 2 so 12 rings altogether.

and for example we have a 42mm ring 12mm width which we can fit 35 in a layer with two layers.

what I am trying to achieve is to be able to use the relevant information from the qr code (diameter and Width)and set the pallets accordingly.

Basically it so when on the shop floor the operator just scans the qr code for the job batch and it sets the offsets to that particular ring size

If I understand your question, you want to have parameterized palletizing.

You might want to consider one of the palletizing software packages available on the UR+ site.