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Create script line

Is there a way to create a script line from an URCap?

(I don’t need the script to set a digital out, it is just used as an example)

I can make it create comments and moves, but not scripts.

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You can not add script node form urcap.
Possibly you can go around it by adding variable assignment node?

Or create a URCap program node, where you from the parent node, can define the URScript it contributes.

The problem I hoped to get around with this, is related to this Create waypoint with variable, where I had hoped I could make a more simple program tree. Every time the robot comes to the urcap, it needs to go to a different position than last time. I already got the pose it needs to go to in a variable, I just can’t figure out how to make it use that variable.

My current solution got the script doing everything, but I want it to be more flexible and easier to add and modify.