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Create Nested Installation nodes

I would like to know if there is a way to nest multiple InstallationNodes?

It would be like we can do with the ProgramNodes.
It means: Visually I would like to have one Installation node in the Installation bar, and the other multiple InstallationNodes as innert tabs, or childs.

If not at least hide the Installation node from the Installation bar.

There is no way to implement this functionality. You can create multiple installation files, but only have 1 open at once due to the conflicting information that multiple instllation files can contain. Things like safety settings etc will often be different between instrallation files, and as a result only 1 may be open at a time.

Ok…Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m creating an InstallationNode with multiple tabs and fields in Swing.
So my contribution is getting huge. Do you have any suggestions or best practices?

Using something like a JTabbedPane inside your installation is perfectly fine. Regarding best practices, do you mean regarding your UI design, or coding practices?