Copying programs between robots

Hello all,

I have 12 identical robot stands with brazing tips on them. They all have Cognex cameras. Ideally we want to create the programs on one and copy it to all the others. With all the construction tolerance stack up the stands are not as identical as they look. The positions that are copied over are slightly off. While the camera can help make up for this we are having a hard time following the part with a hard step offset in base frame. We switched it to using features today using the same user frame teaching block and pointer TCP on every stand. However, even the feature based positions are not repeatable from robot to robot. Does anyone know of a good solution to be able to copy programs between “identical” looking robots?

Also, something strange happened today. I opened a program that was copied from one robot to another and inspected a waypoint position and it was using a different TCP than the original program. Does anyone have a clue why this happened? Both TCP’s exist in both robots. I checked the same position on the master robot and it is using the right one. I copied the program again and it still has the wrong one.