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Controlling LED strip lights with UR controller


I want to install LED strip lights controlled by UR controller to indicate the state of the robot during application running. What would be the best way to achieve this? What are the hardware would I need other than LED strip light? Do I need 12v or 24v LED strip?


I have connected LED diode to Digital Outputs and it worked OK. On UR Control Box you have 24V Digital Outputs. On the UR Tool you can choose on TeachPendant which voltage you want (12V or 24V). Switching on/off is very simple with URScript. You just have to look out what is the voltage of the LED.

Note that you shouldn’t exceed the maximum output current of 1A for the digital outputs.

are you talking about addressable RGB strips? or basic “on/off/dim” LED strips?

If only turning on/off you might get away with simple digital outputs, if addressable RGB leds you will need some kind of interface to drive the LEDs via their signal inputs (strips like WS2812 or APA102 will need a microcontroller like Arduino or Teensy to send the correct data).