Controlling I/O with python without UR Robot program stopping

Hi all.

I am trying to use CB3 with python to manipulate the I/O (digital output) to activate certain parts of the program.

As in first the CB3 will make 3 moves to certain places and after that wait for DO1 to change True before doing more moves.

I have tried this with connecting the PC and Robot to same network and controlling it with PORT = 30002. This works and I am able to change the DO but the problem is when I run my code in console the program will stop as it changes the DO.

Is there a simple way to do this as my project does not really need anything else than activating the certain I/O at the certain moments.

I have tried to research this a lot but my expertise is still developing and I have not been able to use anything else to manipulate the robot expect how I descripted at the beginning.


What do you mean by “post deleted by author”?

That’s just what the forum does when someone deletes their post.

Okay that is weird because I have not deleted my post.

And if anyone got suggestions, I would appreciate it.

This issue was fixed by changing the program to send the wanted data in secondary program so it wont stop the first program which is the robot moving.