Control of UR10e with Simulink and ROS


Im trying to control a real UR10e with Simulink using ROS toolbox. Im trying to change the joint angle publishing on “follow_joint_trajectory” (I give to all joint a position and a velocity) and I run the MATLAB URCap control. But in my terminal, I receive:

[ERROR] [1681457728.294937886]: Can’t accept new action goals. Controller is not running.

Do I have to run a specific controller to the terminal? I know that the connection with Matlab is okay because I can receive for example the joint value with a Subscriber.

Thank you for your answer

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Yes, the robot needs running a special program.
Please see the ROS driver documentation: Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver/ at master · UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver · GitHub