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Connectors for the control box I/O's

The electrical interfaces of the controlbox includes 12 I/O terminals.

The connectors are coded, so they only fit the right plug.

When developing products that need an electrical interface to the CB, consider to include the necessary terminals in the “product kit” .
In that way the plug-and-play ability of the product is enhanced.

A CB3 terminal kit can be purchased from a UR distributor (spare part no. 107000) or from Phoenix Contact (MC 1,5/ 8-ST-3,5 - 1840421)
For e-Series, the Terminal kit is spare part no. 104007


Is it possible to buy those connects in the same colour that are original used (primary grey)?
I’ve searched alot but only manage to find green once…:-(.

Thanxs in advance,

You can buy a kit from your UR Distributor, they are all the right colors and are pre-keyed to fit the terminals.