Connecting Cobot to Siemens Logo!

Hi, is it possible to connect a Siemens Logo! to a UR5e or a CB3 via ethernet?

Hi @chrispocock,

I´m not really sure if a LOGO can have a signal exchange with the UR.

I´ve implemented a comminucation between a S7 1212 and the UR (10e).
And to make them both “talk” to each other, u have to open a communication (connection) via a Siemens
I don´t think you can do that with a LOGO (but tbh I´m not very familiar with LOGO).

For what do u need the connection between the UR and the Logo?
What you wanna do/see?

Greetings from Luxembourg!

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You should be able to use Modbus TCP and communicate between the registers of the UR and Logo. I am going to try it myself shortly and get back on this.


please find my example here with a complete documentation. this one will hopefully explain everthing.