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Connect external screen / monitor

Hi there!

I was trying to attach an external screen/monitor so I can see Polyscope in a bigger screen not using the teach pendant.

What are the steps to take? I read the user manual and nothing is described.

Do I need to disconnect the teach pendant and set the remote mode? I just would like to see the same interface in the new screen, and I will attach a mouse and a keyboard, so the programming is easier.

Thanks in advance!!! Have a nice day,

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There is mDP (mini display port) on eSeries, and DVI port on CB3.
External monitor should have the same aspect ration, and should support the same resolution as TP.
CB3 800x600
eSeries 1280x800

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Thanks @mmi,

And what is the aspect ratio for eSeries?

For eSeries its 16:10

Thanks again @mmi ,

Eventually, could you give me an example of a monitor that stands for 16:10 aspect ratio and 1280x800 resolution or a monitor that someone has tested?

I have looked on the Internet and it seems that only small 10.1 inches screens are suitable for my question.

Kind regards

It doesn’t necessarily need to have this exact aspect ratio. It just needs to support TP resolution.
I’ve been using regular Dell office monitors (U2412) with DP input.
Tech support is using regular TVs with DP to HDMI cable.

The external screen must be connected before power on the controller, otherwise the display port output is disabled.


Hello GumerCascales,

all you need is an ACTIVE Mini Display Port with DVI or HDMI converter.

The Mini Display Port is located on the bottom of the I/O interface group.

Otherwise you don’t have to adjust anything in Polyscope.

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Dear all,

I have an active converter. Probably the error is laying on the monitor. I will try with several monitors, but thanks for the info.

Topic solved :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody

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