Configurable I/O, Pneumatic Solenoid Control

Dear all,

We have setup our robot (UR10e) with door interlock switches, when the door is opened the robot goes into Safeguard Stop then resumes when the door is closed.

We have a pneumatic solenoid connected to a machining spindle on Configurable output 0 (CO0). I have two questions.

  1. How do I turn on or off the solenoid within a program ? I can only see an option to activate a digital output.

  2. How can I stop the spindle / cut off the solenoid during a program when the robot enters safeguard stop.

Thanks in advance.


  1. There should be a possibility to do this on advanced pane, cant recall right now
    But alternatively you could use script set_configurable_digital_out(0, False)

  2. I would set the (co0) to low when program not running. - you can do this in Installation i/O setup.
    Assigning special functions to inputs and outputs 15418 - UR Support (

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  1. You can control configurable outputs from the Set command, as well. Not just digital outputs. :slight_smile:
  2. As Ladislav said.

Stopping the Spindle should be a safety feature of the cell.
It should be interlocked from your door interlock device and not in software! (from the Robot)

I would wire the door interlock switch to a safety relay (to monitor its state) and then wire the Safeguard stop and the spindle output through the safety relay channels.

Use somthing like a Pilz PNOZX4