UR10e - Safety door switch

Hi everyone!

I would like to add a RFID/Magnetic safety switch to the metal door of the robot cell. For some reason, when looking at, for example PILZ there aren’t many 2x NC contactless safety switches. But to my understanding to use a safety switch with Safeguarded stopping, you need two NC outputs from the switch, otherwise it won’t work. Is that correct?

Also, some of the newer PILZ RFID switches have two OSSD outputs. Can I wire them in the Safeguard inputs on the robot controller? Would this work without a Safety relay?

Thank you!

safety door switches are NO contacts. If the sensor fails, it creates a safe state.

The PILZ PSENmag 1.1/2.1 switches OSSD Contacts should work fine with the safety IO

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Zajeta slika

According to the manual, the Safeguard Stop have to NC. How do you wire NO switches to it?

The device shown in that example is actually an E-STOP button device.

I believe the configurable safety inputs are all expecting normally open signals, and can be configured for AUTO MODE SAFEGUARD STOP