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My question is can you auto select a program using digital inputs from the Q series plc? I know how to write the plc code but it’s how to communicate with the robot to select the desired robot program. For example the cutting machine has 4 programs that you select on the HMI. Each program changes the cutting axis position. Can this automatic selection be done on UR10e?

Also I would like to have a stop/Hold signal for the robot if my cutting
machine has a fault. Is this possible using robot I/o? I’m already using the emergency signals but this is only if the estoppel circuit get activated.

Hope this is clear :grin:

There is multiple ways to do it.
The easiest one would be to use your PLC to set the I/Os, and use if statements to select the program

something like
if digital_in_1==true
do this
if digital_in_2==true
do that

Hi thanks for the reply. See one of my programs. Where would this be written? To allow automatic program selection?

Right after Robot Program. Everything underneath would be under the if statement.

Easiest way to clean up, is to create the if statement and slowly cut and paste inside of it

Ok. So if I assign a digital input per program would I have to

If digital_in_1=true

If digital_in_2=true
And so on?


yes and no. the entire thing would live inside one program.

As far as I know you cant call and start a different program without custom code (daemon).

so :

If digital_in_1=true
do what program one would do

If digital_in_2=true
do what program 2 would do

and so on.

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