Communication between system and UR

Hello everyone,

I work on UR10e. Can you recommend me please which kind of interfaces I can use to communicate UR with other system? For example, UR shall take command about new waypoints, new payload, etc. Herewith, UR shall announce the System that current movement/program has been finished. I use robot for Pick and Place application.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @giorgigedaminski ,

at moment I´m also working with a UR10e for a Pick and Place application.

Is ur UR a “Stand-Alone” machine? Or is it connected to any PLC (Siemens/ AB…?)


It isn’t “Stand Alone” machine. It will collaborate with other robots. Thus, now, I’m looking for the ways how to connect robot with the whole system. It must get generated waypoints, payloads and so on.

If you have any suggestion, please tell me.



I´ve connected a PLC to my UR10e.
I have a signal exchange between the PLC and the UR via Profinet and Dashboard Server.

But i think that´s not the way u are realizing ur application

I will take a look at them, but I’m not sure it gonna work.

I think I can use RTDE and send secondary programs to the robot while it works.