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Communication Data structure

I have implemented the UR communicating protocols into our trendlog.io 5 Dataforwarder for logging and visualising all the parameters from the UR’s.
I am using the URCaps Starter Package 1.3.55 to test the communication and it is working fine, but I have a couple of questions.

  1. I am using the “Client_Interface_V3.5.xlsl” file, but there is no description of the Package Type 10 “Safety Data” structure?
  2. When running the ursim we receive a package Type 11, but can’t find any description of it.

Where in the documentation can I find this?

Reading the Change Log in the Client_Interface_V3.5.xls you can see that they say:

“DataStreamFromURController worksheet: Added Package-Type “Safety Data”, since it was missing. Note, the package contents are not described on purpose.”

and in the sheet 1.6 to 3.2

“• Not all package types are documented here.”

Also, a quick search here on the forum gave me:

with the answer:

Some packages are only used internally between PolyScope and URControl.
These are not documented, and can change wo. notice version by version.

I assume it is the same for the other undocumented types.