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Close safety popup with I/O


we search for the feature to close an upcoming safety popup. The best option for it would be using the tool I/O or the controller I/O.

We program a handguided robot. Therefore it would be very helpful if the worker didn’t need to use the teach pendant but could press a button mounted on the tool.

Thanks in advance

Using the Dashboard Server it is possible to close safety popups and unlock protective stops.
However please note that this should need consideration in a risk assessment.

We have a S7 connected to the robot. We use Profinet for the connection. Is there a way to send the safety messages from the robot to the S7 with Profinet. Then our employees can read the message on the S7-HMI. When the worker pushes the “safety” button on the S7-HMI the robot has to continue its program.

We don’t want to use the Dashboard Sever. We want to use only profinet for communication. Is there a way to do this?

By reading the Profinet IO message, you can monitor if the robot is in E-stop, Safeguard etc.
The destinct error message however cannot be read over Profinet, but will be added to the logfile.

The implemented fieldbus protocols are Profinet and Ethernet IP, but not ProfiSafe, so a safety rated fieldbus input is not enabled in this framework.