Circular Motion and Probing at Discrete points on a disk?

I have a project which involves probing a circular object (for instance a disk shape with 300mm diameter) at points along its edge.

The idea is to feed-in some information like the object’s radius and use a script to generate discrete probing points on the perimeter (I attached an image showing what I mean).

Do you all know of any similar projects/URCaps that we can use as a basis for development? For instance a palletizing-style program with circular motion?

I came across this, but wanted to see if there are other options out there:

Create a circle with variable radius 15367 - UR Support (

I’m usually a fan of polar coordinates when it comes to doing circles like you’re describing. You just need an r and a theta. Lends itself well in your case because you can then just “probe” or take a reading or whatever when theta = some value you’re interested in. And if you wanted to take a sample every N degrees, then you can just take theta mod N and check that. All you really need to know is that to go from polar to cartesian is:

x = radius * cos(theta)
y = radius * sin(theta)

If you put that assignment in a loop and increment theta by 1 each time, you’ll get a full circular motion.

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