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Installation Node Title

I’m currently working on a URCap Installation Node GUI, and i’m trying some things out,
Mainly revolving around the getTitle() in the Service, In the toolbar on the left on PolyScope 3.x, there’s different options in the customization of the title. I’ve been able to put an image in the title in the Installation Window , but i can’t get an icon/image to show in the button on the left. Also there’s the Features button with some sort of dropdown menu.


Are any of these things possible in the current version ?

As the method getTitle() in the InstallationNodeService interface returns a string, the title of an installation node in the list can only ever be a string. Since this is the only control a URCap has over what appears in that list, it cannot include any images or extended functionality. This remains the same in both a swing URCap and a HTML URCap.

Noted, thanks. I figured if it would be possible with the native Installation Nodes there might be some possibility with URcaps. Guessing there’s quite a difference between them.

Yes you are correct, a custom URCap does not have the same level of control over the UI as a native option.