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Changing the currently loaded program using digital/analog Inputs

Is it possible to change the current robot loaded program with another one using external inputs?

In my application I would like to be able to change frequently the Cobot position, for that intention I’d like to install it in a specific predefined platform equipped with a QRcode and a QRscanner attached to the board inputs.

Now, could I use the input ports to which the scanner is connected to change the currently loaded program to the one specified with the platform QRcode?

I know I could run different subprograms and calling them with a simple if(QRscanner_input1 = true) or a switch/case routine, but that would consist in a unique big and confused program, which effects the modularity of the application in a bad way.

Thanks in advance for the help
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You can use Dashboard Server e-Series, port 29999 - 42728 with properly formatted string.

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Thank you for the fast reply, I’ll try to implement the connection and I’ll let you know if the problem is solved.

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