Cannot add new variables and IF statements

I have been struggling for days with our new actinav system. I’m not sure what is going on but I am trying to add two Variables to report the last known status of two separate inputs. I cannot run or save my program with these lines added to the program. If I suppress them everything works fine. I occasionally get error messages that say things like…
“Exception Caught in Thread RxSchedulerPurge-1”
“Exception Caught in Thread fileinstall-bundle/remotetcp”
“Exception Caught in Thread RTDE receiver”

…the list goes on.

All followed up with “java lang OutOfMemeoryError: java heap space”

I tried signing up for MyUR. After a day of submitting a request just to sign up I never heard back. So I went back on and it asked me to submit a form for approval all over again. Now the site appears to be broken and it forces me to the form every time I go to the page.

Can someone please help me get some support. I have system crash files all lined up waiting for someone to send them too for help.

What error do you get when you try to save/run?

I’m assuming you reached out to whoever sold the system to you. You did the right thing by going to the MyUR. As far as I know, that’s the best method for submitting a ticket regarding the robot.

I’ve been in touch with someone at Actinav. They suggested the next step was to get in touch with MyUR.
The errors are endless and almost never seem to be the same. Most of the time it just acts like it’s going to save then doesn’t actually save. Also acts like it’s going to run but just never does.

So I’m totally speculating here, but does it save/run if you move those if() statements outside of whatever node they are nested in? I’m also just guessing they are nested inside an Actinav node since I can’t see it, so if that’s a bad assumption then ignore me lol.

I had to do some hacking and shuffling. But yes it works outside of the Actinav node. I haven’t tried running it yet since my gipper end is dead at the moment. But it saves and seems to start just fine.
Once I know it works for sure I’ll pass this on to the apps guy at Actinav. Thanks for the help!

Yeah so they’ve got a bug in their CAP it sounds like. Probably doing some Traverse() method on whatever node your ifs() were nested inside. Whatever they’re doing in that method can’t tolerate if() statements or assignments I guess.