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Can i get the robot information if i do not use the teach board?

Hi! Can i get the robot information if i do not use the teach board ? I want to use a PC to control the robot through the 30003 port totally without the teach board . But a problem i meet is that how can i get the robot information like some error or warning ? Can i get the current log through some other port?

Hi wxu,

Which robot are you using ?

If it is an e-series, you can use the dashboard connection on port 29999 along with your 30003 connection.

With the dashboard, you can get robot status, program status and safety status with it. But you can also play a script if your robot is in remote mode.

If you want to try the dashboard, I recommand you to try the commands with SocketTest as explain in the documentation below.

Otherwise, you can also use the RTDE connexion on port 30004 which allows to send data to the UR and get status from it.

Here is another link to present all the connection possibilities with your robot:

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