Can I choose what data gets stored in my flight record when an issue happens?

I have been using a SCHUNK gripper on my UR5e. On certain occasions the robot fails to grip the piece and remove it from where it originally is (force mode is used). I have tried multiple ways to troubleshoot.

I wanted to verify if the gripper could be the issue (loosing power or commands not going through). Since my protective stop is not easily repeatable (Once every 100 times or so). I need to use the flight records once it happens to analyze what happened.

However it doesn’t seem like the flight record records anything related to the Tool. The current, the status of the tool IO, the TCP tool are always pretty much empty on every flight record. as shown in the following picture:

Is there a way to adjust what gets recorded in a flight record? to me the Tool_Digital_output 0 & 1 are pretty important. as well as the current the tool is pulling.

Thank you