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Calling all U.S. cobot users looking to advance your robotics skills!

Universal Robots is now offering a two-day instructor-led simulator-based cobot training. You’ll have “hands-on” learning experience without leaving your home (or office)!

To learn more about the course and register, click your preferred time zone below:



Hi Kayleigh I hope this is not going out to our customers in the UK. We have invested heavily in kitting out our training centre for them to come to ourselves

I don’t think this could ever take the place of in person, hands on training. It’s a great addition to the training offered and definitely welcomed. looking forward to seeing how successful these are.


We think of simulator based learning as an add on to all existing offerings of UR Academy, allowing both greater reach and breadth of offerings.

Our goal is to upskill all of our users and we love the possibilities this simulator based instructor led training can offer.