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RTDE runtime_state enumeration

For the RTDE interface can you please provide the return values of runtime_state and their meanings? The documentation only says that it is of the type UINT32 and has the description Program state

I have reverse engineered these states


There is no documentation for this that I have been able to find.

Is there a STOPPING and a PAUSING state?

It is not written about this in documentation in detail.
I defined the following enum.

Stopping : 0
Stopped : 1
Playing : 2
Pausing : 3
Paused : 4
Resuming : 5

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Thanks, did you test the remaining states by writing the return value to the console continually and manipulating the PolyScope program state?

Yes, that’s right.
I comfirmed by testing on real robot.(UR3 CB-Series)

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Anyway, state is “Paused” when robot is paused and protective stop.
“Resuming” refers to the state in which program is resumed from protective stop.