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C281A4: Robot State Machine:Wrist 3 joint entered violation state


I am trying to implement torque control of a UR5e robot. However as I tested the script I hope will be able to set the torque to each of the joints this error message appeared.

C281A4: Robot State Machine:Wrist 3 joint entered violation state

Now as I understand, UR don’t want the regular user to get access to the torque input. This is why the company that I work for had to create an elaborate script that fools the regulators. However I would still like to know that this error means.

I have already checked the servis manual however it do not provide any details. It only provides smal hints to how to solve the problem, not what caused it in the first place.

If this is something that is basic, then please have mercy on a thesis student new to the UR brand.
Thanks again for you’re help.

Hi Eric,

having a violation indicates a programming or usage error. For example pushing a robot manually outside its the safety limits set through a safety plane.

Having this every once in a while should not be to problematic. The question is, what are you doing to get it into this state? This error is normally also accompanied with additional error messages.

You could reach out to your distributor if possible, so they can perform a more deeper analyisis.