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Boot up time after upgrading Polyscope - DNS Settings


I upgraded Polyscope on 2 UR10 e-series (previous version : 5.1, new version 5.5 (all upgrades in between were done)).
Since then, they are quite slow to boot up (up to 10 min).

After booting, they work just fine. Only the booting process is quite long.

My questions :

  • is it normal ?
  • is there anything I can do to speed up the boot ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Baptiste,
are you connected to a network?
I had a similar behavior - it seems to me if the network cable is unplugged it will take a long time…

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When I also updated from SW3.9 to 3.10, the same problem was caused.
But the problem was solved by LAN cable being unpluged.

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OK, I disabled network and it is starting much faster.
I’ll have to check my network configuration.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I have observed that if the robot can’t access to the configured DNS server, the boot is too slow.

If you remove the DNS in the network configuration the boot time is normal.

I think that Universal Robot must review this problem for a new firmware upgrade



It looks like there were some changes around DNS in 5.9. Can you test to see if this problem still persists with latest polyscope? Release Notes 5.9