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Bloated InstallationNodeContribution

Hi I find that my InstallationNodeContribution can get too bloated with all the declaration/hookup to the HTML file with all the buttons, label, checkboxes etc.
What is the best way to make it less bloated?, Is it a good idea to make an InstallationNodeContribution and an InstallationNodeService more on the same html file to make it less bloated or does this give some more overhead in terms of memory usage? What is the best way?

Cheers Dan.

After experimenting and making a hierarchy structure of classes I can concluded: it isn’t currently possible to avoid the bloated contribution nodes, because you simply can’t inherit the current annotations unless the urcap sdk implements @Inherited to it’s annotation, which would be fantastic.

Sounds like feature request

I just tried the exact same thing yesterday! Yes, all of the parent class’s annotations are null in the children, so I have tons of repeated code for two nodes that are essentially the same.