Array of joint positions

Hello everyone!

I have the next situation:

global relleno = p[100,100,100,0,0,0]
global relleno_j = [0,0,0,0,0,0]

#This works just fine, an array of poses
global P_Tipo1_Mos1 = [WP1_Mos1_T1_p,WP2_Mos1_T1_p,relleno,relleno]

#But this does not work, I am trying to create an array of joints
global P_Tipo1_Mos1_J = [WP1_Mos1_T1_q,WP2_Mos1_T1_q,relleno_j,relleno_j] #I get the error in this line

#However, this works
global P_Tipo1_Mos1_J = [relleno_j,relleno_j,relleno_j,relleno_j]

Anyone can give me a tip? The error I am getting is “Type error: It must be a list, not pose”.

PS: note that “WPX_MosX_TX” are already defined positions.

Thanks in advance,

Seems like your _q values must be coming across as poses. Only thing I can think of. If you look at your variables tab and check the “show waypoints” box, are those waypoints poses or joint positions? I’m not exactly sure how the _q gets generated. If it’s a MoveL Waypoint, it might not store it as a joint positions. Not sure

Hi @eric.feldmann,

The waypoints are generated from a MoveJ instruction inside Polyscope.

I checked what you said and I checked the .script file generated for the whole program and I see both the “_p” and the “_q” generated. The “_q” is just a six float array as I see it.

Thanks again,