Arm drops at power off

Recently I have noticed a UR10e with ver 5.13 will drop when powered off. It is significant droop, maybe a 12" tool movement downward. I don’t think this is related to payload as freedrive maintains its location. Is this a brake issue? can the brake be adjusted?

When powered back up, the user is notified of movement while powered off and has to confirm location.

I have seen this happen on robots with high payload, as you mention yourself. The brakes will get worn, if the robot has a fair amount of emergency stops and/or shut downs.
Testing in freedrive will not give you a proper test of the brakes, since the motors are energized and will maintain the robot position.

It is sadly not possible to adjust the brakes. It probably just a single joint that is collapsing when powered off however. That joint should be repaired mechanically at UR’s service hub.
It’s also a question of safety, since the brakes are what’s stopping the robot in case of an emergency stop. So you should have it checked sooner rather than later.

can you test the brakes moving the robot to a different at rest position, then turning it off? maybe you could create a supportive dock at/near the home position to help hold the EOAT when off