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Is it possible to modify the brake releasing sequence for battery supplied project?

Hi all :slight_smile:

We want to mount my UR5 on a rover so we have to supply it with batteries. I need a DC/DC to regulate the voltage to 48V. The robot needs roughly 150 W to do what we have to do. My problem is when we release the brakes; the robot takes more than 400 W for almost 3 seconds. I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the brake releasing procedure to release the brakes one by one. We’ve tested in Expert Mode to arm each joint independently and the consumption is always around 150 W. We have to be as light as possible so if we can use a 200 W DC/DC instead of a 500 W, it will more efficient.

I can’t find the way to connect in ssh :frowning: I thought maybe it has a script that has the sequence that I can change it.

Thank you very much !

I am having the same problem.

Did you solve it? How?

I haven’t received help from UR partners in my region regarding the issue.

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Maybe you can add a precharge circuit,If the power supply transient power is not enough, it will cause voltage sag, resulting in the machine can not start properly, adding a pre-charging circuit can solve this problem, I hope it is helpful to you