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Adding rotation in pallet wizard on CB3

Hi All,

So my (newest) problem is we are palletizing boxes off of a conveyor belt onto a double pallet system and when being placed need to have the label facing out.

The program we use currently is terribly buggy and doesn’t use the palletizing wizard to do this (presumably because of the two pallets). I am in the process of trying to write a new code to palletize using the wizard since it seems to be a much easier option.

I am using the square pattern currently with a pose save and add product height since I need to add a slip sheet every 2 layers on the pallet and this was the easiest way I could find to accomplish this. However, with the pallet wizard since you only set the initial point is there a way to add rotation to half of the boxes on the pallet?

I apologize for the many questions I am just trying to learn about these robots as I go. Thank you in advance!

I’m not entirely sure what you want to do but maybe this helps. Each Layer has to have the same rotation when placing items. You can however create different layers that can have completely different rotations or alignments than the other layers.

Does your gripper design and pick location allow you to rotate the gripper during the picking process, so that when it approaches the pallet, your label is facing the right direction?

You could then teach two pick positions, and use an If statement with an input/variable to tell the difference between which direction the box needs to be picked.

Thank you for your advice I do not know why I didn’t think of that honestly. I was just trying to replicate what we already were doing.