Add modbus signal in Toolbar Contribution

To read the robot state I’ve tried to create a modbus signal using ur scrip and the URScriptExporter/Sender class in my Toolbar Contribution of my URCap. My problem right now is, that i can’t create said modbus signal. Reading it (after i created it manually in my ursim) works perfectly fine.
I’ve attached a snippet of my code and hope to get some help.

Hi Mia.

I would recommend using the secondary interface instead of the primary interface.
as the primary interface cannot run if the robot program is already running, but the secondary can.
And I think this feature is important for a toolbar function.

The other thing is that, if I remember correctly, the running program can reserve a modbus signal_address and therefor block the access to it from the secondary.
so for this to work you might have to make sure that the signal_address used in the secondary interface is not used in running program.

PS: happy new years