Activate output from a g-code file

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working with a UR5e.
I’m developping some URCaps using the virtual machine

I need to activate some outputs from a g-code file.

I have seen that this is possible to do :

(source : Universal Robots - Remote TCP & Toolpath URCap FAQ)

But the robot on the virtual machine is on version 5.11.0 and not 5.11.5.
Do I have to update the virtual robot or there is another way to activate some outputs ?
If an update is needed, how can I update the virtual robot ?

(The outputs need to be activated at some specific positions given by the g-code file. I cannot activate thme separetly by a Set fonction or from an URScript)

Thanks in advance for your answer

Best regards

This feature to activate digital outputs from the imported G-code file was introduced in version 5.11.5 so you will need to update the version of polyscope within URsim. You can download a newer version from our support page just like you did the original one.

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I have found the package here : Universal Robots - Offline Simulator - e-Series - UR Sim for Linux 5.11.5