2FG7 "No force grip detected!" on gripper open

I’m in a machining class and we are trying to get our robotic arms set up and working, but we are having issues when trying to run our CRB 15000 with a 2FG7 gripper. The issue is whenever we attempt to open the gripper, the pendant throws an error that says “No force grip detected!” and as a result we can’t write a program for it. From the bit of research I have done, the gripper sends a ‘force grip’ code when the target NM is reached on the gripper and applies a brake. The problem is we only have one command on our pendant that controls the gripper and that command requires that you set a target force. So, when we use the command to open the gripper, it never reaches it’s target force and gives the error.

I have the feeling that we are missing functions but I also found a picture in the manual that shows the same amount options we have. We are at a loss on how to open this gripper and any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached pictures below of the error and our command options.

Here’s the error we receive