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XML-RPC program node execution

Hi, I am currently developing a URcap however I have trouble getting the program to turn green after i set my desired parameters. May I ask what are the possible cause of this?

Thank you!

The program nodes turn green, when all child-nodes return true from the isDefined() method.
Inside your own URCap, make sure that the necessary settings are confirmed, and hence return true, otherwise false.

For generic nodes, make sure the date is set, e.g. the position for a Waypoint, or the condition for an IF-statement.

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Got it thanks!

another question, how do I distinguish the desired input parameters for each created program node? in other words, making each program node’s parameter unique.


If I well understand your question, I can say that each program node have their own data model.
So if you want a multi programNode urcap, you have to store parameters in the model each time it’s changing, and if the user open the view, you reload these from the model.

I hope that help


Correct, every inserted node has it’s own data model.
However there is only loaded one instance of the GUI, so you should load the correct GUI values every time on openView()


got it again with the help from the UR3 screw URcap sample.

Thank you for the great help!

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