Program is not finished. Complete the yellow program-nodes in order to run the program

Hi all,

I am currently making a URCap and am reaching the last stages of development. I am currently trying to test the URCap program node I made but when I insert one into the program tree I am met with this error when I try to run the program.

As you can see below there are no empty fields or anything like that so I am confused as to why I am getting this popup. Does anyone know what’s causing this and how it could be fixed?

I believe you need to override the “isDefined()” method. Take a look at some of the example URCaps

I managed to solve it. Thank you!

Hello, could you please share what you did to solve it? I am facing the same problem. Never had this issue until today all of a sudden when I power on.


You just need to override the isDefined() method and have it return true whenever you deem it completed. In this case, I return the datamodel value of the key “defined” which I set to true elsewhere in the contribution when a position has been set. That is the only criteria I need to call it done, so that’s when I set it. If you had needed multiple things, you would just add this in to the isDefined() method. Something like “return (model.get(criteria1, false) && model.get(criteria2, false))” In this way, both criteria1 and criteria2 would need to be true in order to turn the node white.

Thank you Eric. I was able to resolve it, I believe, by re-loading the installation settings together with the program settings. In the past I haven’t had to do that and I should have thought of that. I suppose perhaps the safety settings may have change, or the robot thought they changed. If you are Eric F. from CSU then we worked on projects together in the past…

Don’t think that was me haha. CSU doesn’t ring any bells. Glad you got it working though!