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Wrong variable type byte in Primary Inteface


A pose received from primary interface has different type byte than the one described in Client_Interface_V3.13andV5.8.xlsx: 12 (0c in hex) instead of 10 (0a in hex)


  • Affected Robot Software Version(s): URSim 5.9.1


I am not sure to read correctly the variables from Primary Interface.

Issue details

Probably the .xlsx file is not updated to the latest software version (5.9.1) where matrix variable was introduced.

Use Case and Setup

I want to see the actual value of URScript variables in URCaps.

Steps to Reproduce

Read primary interface messages.

Expected Behavior

I receive a BOOL_VAL variable when the type byte is 12.

Actual Behavior

I receive a POSE_VAL variable when the type byte is 12.

Workaround Suggestion

Update the Client Interface documentation or check the byte sent by the Primary Interface

Hi @a.mora,

Thank you for reporting this. I will report this internally.


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